5th Element Martial Classes

5th Element Martial Arts has classes for beginners to advanced, from aged 3 years to adult. Whether you are looking for fun and fitness, self defence, or to build confidence and make friends, 5th Element Martial Arts has a class that is right for you. Contact us for a Timetable and Free Trial class.


3-6 yrs

A fun class incorporating games for general co-ordination, fitness, social interaction, working with others and general awareness of “danger” for children. An informal grading system allows the dragonflies to progress and achieve set goals in a safe and secure environment and build self-confidence.

Little Dragons

7-9 yrs

A fun class with the focus on learning basic martial arts skills, teamwork, enhancing general motor skills and learning finer motor skills, increasing the child’s awareness of danger in society and methods of dealing with conflict in their social environment. Children will learn basic skills to avoid conflict in the schoolyard, self-defence skills to protect themselves from peers, and self-defence strategies to deter and protect themselves from predators.


10-13 yrs

Advanced motor skill development, improved general fitness, modified tournament sparring practice, Self-defence skills including introduction of throwing, falling and acrobatics skills. Advanced juniors may elect to undertake class with the seniors upon request. Tournament competition is available to students interested in pursuing the Olympic sport element of Taekwondo.


14 yrs+

Progression of students through the full Taeguk Pattern system with the inclusion of some Pulgwe Patterns. Self-defence including throws, takedowns, basic floor work, advanced kicking skills, wrist and arm locks, break-falling and multiple attacker situations are covered in this syllabus. In addition—advanced self-defence techniques involving weapons such as knives, bats, nunchaku and guns form part of the training syllabus through the higher ranks. Tournament competition is available to students interested in pursuing the Olympic sport element of Taekwondo.

Mixed Martial Arts

(and Adv Tkd Students)

Incorporates elements of boxing, kickboxing, cross fit training, taekwondo and ju-jitsu to provide a fun and effective fighting and fitness regime for those wanting something a little different from their martial arts training. Full contact sparring is optional in this class and personal protective equipment is required.


All ages

Grading is offered three times a year. Students who are attending two classes a week and doing their own practise may be invited to grade at all three, thereby progressing through their belts faster. Students attending one class a week and doing their own practise are more likely to be invited to grade once a year. All gradings are by invitation only. Grading will be conducted by Subonim Igor Geyl – 4th Dan under Master Chris Blight – 7th Dan.