It’s not about getting a Black Belt, it’s about Being one.

1. Everyone can become a black belt because it represents something possible in all people.

Loyalty, determination, persistence etc, these are qualities everyone is capable of, irrespective of age, sex or physical condition. It does not represent the ability to do the splits or fight off 5 attackers, it represents the ability to fight through your own internal challenges and the discipline to commit to something and see it through.

Black Belts

2. There is no such thing as failure – unless you quit.

Far too many people would have started on the path to becoming a black belt only to find themselves having to give up. I am positive that for most of these people giving up wasn’t something they initially chose to do. In most cases, they ‘felt’ like they weren’t good enough to keep going. I know that if you have the basic skills and ambition to reach this coveted level in Taekwondo, then all you need to do is keep training, learning, refining, and focusing on the end result.

3. It doesn’t matter how long it takes.

It has taken some people as many as 10 years to reach Black Belt. The focus should be on the end result, not the time it takes.Whether you reach Black Belt in 4 years or 10 years, at the end of the day you will only feel a surge of pride and achievement in the simple fact that you are now, at this moment, wearing a Black Belt around your waist. Time in training is important, not how long it takes you to reach a certain belt level. Success is found in the journey, however long it may be. In life, it doesn’t matter where you start, or how long it takes to get there. The most important thing is where you end up.

4. Finally, who you become is far more important than what you get.

Anything worth aiming for in life will require immense personal and physical commitment, determination, courage and focus. Years of training may earn us a Black Belt, but who we’ve become is far more important and personally satisfying than the colour of the belt that hangs around our waist. Becoming a Black Belt is far more rewarding than getting a Black Belt!