Grading Invitations

Gradings will be offered 3 times a year. 

Students who are attending two classes a week consistently and doing their own practise may be invited to grade at all three, therefore progressing through their belts faster. Students who do one class a week consistently and are doing their own practise are more likely to do one grading a year.

All Grading’s are by invitation only (this includes the rare case of double grading). When a student is ready Subonim (Igor) will let the student and the parent know by written invitation.

To be entered into Taekwondo Grading students must attend ALL classes that the student is booked in for.

Taekwondo Belts and Levels

  • White – Kibbon Poomsae
  • Yellow 1 – Pattern 1:  Taeguk Il-jang
  • Yellow 2 – Pattern 2: Taeguk E-jang
  • Yellow 3 – Pattern 3: Taeguk Sam-jang
  • Blue 1 – Pattern 4: Taeguk Sar-jang
  • Blue 2 – Pattern 5: Taeguk O-jang
  • Blue 3 – Pattern 6: Taeguk Yuk-jang
  • Red 1 – Pattern 7: Taeguk Chil-jang
  • Red 2 – Pattern 8: Taeguk Pal-jang
  • Red 3 – Koryo Poomsae
  • Cho Dan Bo – Koryo Poomsae
  • 1st Black Belt – Keumgang
  • 2nd Black Belt – Taebaek
  • 3rd Black Belt – Pyongwon
  • 4th Black Belt – Sipjin

Students will receive an assessment (a written report), a new belt (if applicable), and embroidery (for black belts). Successful black belts also have the option of purchasing a new black belt taekwondo uniform to go with their new belt.

Black Belts, if successful, will also receive an internationally recognized Kukkiwon Certificate from Korea (a minimum of 6 week turnaround after submission of application applies).